Jiří Nejedlo

Pelechov 39
468 22 Železný Brod

IČO: 12042650, DIČ: CZ5504020390

Tel. + fax: 483390207
Mobil: 602646177, 724137098, 724137223
E-mail: zc.ynlov@oldejen.irij


About us

We are a small family company with the origin in the year 1990 with the orientation on the production on automatic lathes and CNC-machining centers. To our main production program belong the brass parts used for the production of lamps, however we are open to any extension of production assortment also to other branches (for bigger lots of parts.). We are able to machine materials from the diameter of 3mm up to the diameter of 42mm. We have at disposal horizontal milling and pressing (eccentric presses.)

We produce all the assortment of quality German brass in our production plant in North Bohemia. Thanks to that we are able to react on the requirements of the customer.

We lay stress on quality, precision and fulfilling the delivery terms. After agreement we are able to provide surface finishing.

In case of any questions or interest in co-operation, please, feel free to contact us by phone or per e-mail.
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